Clé de Peau Beauté 2015 A/W collection

Client: Shiseido Company, Limited
Role: Direction

3 promotions based on the theme of a “Voyage a Venise (Trip to Venice)” will be held starting in the fall and continuing throughout the winter and the holiday season at the end of the year. The three different world views, represented through means of contemporary performing arts, will get the audience lost in the beautiful and fairy tale-like city of Venice, entwining and fascinating them with the sparkling light shining in the city of water. The last of the three, a bewitching masquerade, has been thought of to convey the message of “escaping from your daily life to find a new self.”


秋冬から年末のホリデーシーズンにかけて「Voyage a Venise~ヴェネチアへの旅~」をテーマとした全3章のプロモーションを展開。コンテポラリーな身体表現によって描かれた3つの世界観は、ヴェネチアの美しく幻想的な街並に迷い込み、水の都に煌めく光を纏い陶酔、そして第3章妖艶に踊る仮面舞踏会では「日常から抜け出し、新しい自分に出会う」というメッセージが込められています。



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